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Welcome to Our Recovery Directory

This was put together with the thought that us as Addicts & Alcoholics are trying to do the next right thing.

Hello, my name is Burrell.

I have been in the rooms for a little more than 30 years. It seems not a day goes by that someone doesn't ask... "Who do we know in the program that does__________(fill in the blank)? From painters to plumbers, contractors to realtors, landscapers to massage therapists, people are always looking for professional services from others in the program. They want to support the fellowships keeping it in the family. In my experience, those committed to 12-step recovery will offer their services with honesty and integrity.

I thought, "Wouldn't it be great to have some sort of directory of services from our recovery family?" The answer was obvious and 'Our Recovery Directory' was born! I started to contact friends in recovery from around the country to get their feedback... not one had a negative thing to say! So with that in mind, we started putting one foot in front of the other to make this dream come true.

For a reasonable fee (less than a month long ad in the PennySaver or your local newspaper), a business/service provider can be listed for a full year in the directory. While we do not endorse those listed in this directory, it is our sincere hope that they are following the principles behind our steps in their life both personally & professionally. To be listed in the directory, there is a minimum clean & sober requirement of six months and a working knowledge of the 12 steps. We have instituted a policy that if there are three or more unresolved customer complaints in a six-month period of time, the listing will be removed from the directory.

Clearly it is our focus to offer you a choice from within the recovery community... A quality choice, from a service provider that operates with honesty and integrity!